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Vision & Mission


A community of self-directed learners who are avid readers, confident speakers and competent writers


To cultivate a love for reading in every child

To provide every child with the opportunity to express themselves confidently in speech and writing

To nurture creativity, critical thinking and sound decision-making

Programmes & Activities

Avid Readers

Extensive Reading Programme - Class Library with DEAR Books & i-Read Books, Little Red Dot, What's Up, The Straits Times

English reading programme

Reading Mums & Buddy Reading

Confident Speakers

Oral Communication Programme for Primary 3 and 4

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Certification

English Club - Drama Club, Young Reporters, Plain English Speaking Award, Speak Good English Movement

Speech & Drama Enrichment Programme for Primary 1 and 2

Oral Portal - A platform for students to pratice and monitor their progress in oralcy skills

Speech and Drama

Competent Writers

Primary 1 to 4

Let's Chat - Encourages frequent teacher-pupil conversation through writing

My creation - Allows pupils to express their creativity in writing

Primary 5 & 6

Daily Writes: Journal Writing and Let’s Chat - Encourages pupils to share their views and opinions on issues read in books and newspapers

Discussion Forum – Encourages critical thinking through collaborative learning and exchanging of ideas

Collaborative Writing with Web 2.0 tools

English Weeks

English week

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning
Classroom Learning

Classroom learning