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Mother Tongue Languages

Vision & Mission


A community of pupils who enjoy the learning Mother Tongue Language


To develop pupils into bilingually effective pupils

Programmes & Activities

Chinese Department

P4 Cultural Camp:

Our P4 pupils went for a heritage trail in Singapore’s historic Chinatown on 9th March 2016. They were immersed in a bustling enclave that straddles the line between the old and new. Our pupils had an enriching time there.
P4 cultural camp
Out to Chinatown for our P4 Cultural Camp.
Visiting Chinatown
Hmm…what exactly are all these?
URA Gallery
Our future Our Home, all at the URA Gallery.
Cultural camp
Debrief for the Cultural Camp.
P6 MTL Fortnight 2016:
The P6 MTL Fortnight was conducted on 7th March 2016. They were introduced to the multiple facets of Chinese Opera. They were thrilled and fascinated as they watched the opera. There were even hands-on activities for the children to try out the different types of weapons used on stage.
Mother Tongue Fortnight
Wow! We didn't know there are so many different roles in Chinese Opera!
Chinese Opera
Hey! Look at those interesting costumes!
Mother Tongue Fortnight
Our standing posture for the opera performance.
Hall activities
Do we look cool with our spears?
CSR (Corporate Service Responsibility) 2016:
A total of 45 elderly and 12 helpers from the Bright Hill and Geylang East for the Aged (2 groups) were invited to a CNY Lo-Hei session on the 17 February 2016. Teachers and student leaders had a meaningful afternoon interacting with the elderly. It may be just an afternoon for us but an unforgettable day for the elderly.
CSR 2016
CNY celebration with elderly from the Home.
Come on, huat ah, everyone!
Lohei with the elderly
Aunties, uncles, may you all be blessed with good health!
Bringing cheers to others
Let’s eat, please do not be shy.
CNY Celebrations:
The annual CNY school celebration has been a long-awaited event that the pupils looked forward to. There was much excitement as the pupils watched the performances and participated in the games and activities held in the hall.
CNY celebration
It's our favourite quiz time during the CNY!
Hosting the new year event
Our charming MCees for the CNY.
Dance by teachers
Hurray! CNY is coming!
Hall celebration
Children, let’s dance and welcome the Chinese New Year!
Tamil Department

Mother Tongue Week Term 2

Our P4 and P6 pupils were involved in their Mother Tongue Week activity in the month of March.

An enriching learning journey was organised for our P4 pupils. They visited the Indian Heritage Board and enhanced their knowledge about Indian culture. During the Little India tour, pupils had a hands-on session at flower tying. At the end of the session, they learnt about the types of flowers used in garland making.

Our P6 pupils participated in an in-house cultural carnival. They learnt the significance of eating on a banana leaf and the procedure of serving food on it. They also had fun preparing their own coconut laddus, a traditional Indian sweetmeat.
Mother Tongue week
Malay Department

Malay Department
Dua orang murid darjah 5 dilantik sebagai Rakan Bahasa
Mother Tongue week
Dua orang murid darjah 5 dilantik sebagai Rakan Bahasa
Visit to Kampong Glam
Para pelajar darjah 4 mengikuti Jejak Warisan di Taman Warisan
Trying out the food
Pengalaman makan Nasi Ambeng
DJ Ria
Perkongsian tentang Meningkatkan Kemahiran berbahasa oleh Duta Bahasa dan DJ Ria.