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Sports and Games



Basketball Championship

A game in progress…

Basketball Championship

Cheng Rong was conferred a medal by the opponents for his effort and 
sportsmanship displayed during a match.

Junior Boys

Junior boys with their new-found friends.

Junior Boys

Thank you for a good game!


Hockey is our school’s niche sport based on its success in the National Senior and Junior Championships. We have consistently developed athletes who display strong values in sports i.e. sportsmanship and possess strong physical skills. Many of our hockey players continue to pursue hockey beyond their primary school years. The Hockey CCA strives to equip players with the skills and experience required for recreational and competitive hockey. We achieve this through regular training sessions, participation in external competitions and annual camps. Here in hockey, we share sweat and tears, but most importantly, we share memories that last a lifetime.      

Camp at Forest Adventure.JPG

Camp at Forest Adventure
Senior Girls.jpeg

Senior Girls

Senior Boys.jpeg
Senior Boys
Hockey Family.jpeg

Hockey Family

Multi-Sports CCA

Multi-Sports CCA aims to develop pupils holistically through a broad-based physical sports programme. Education in sports allows exploration and discovery of strengths and passion in 14 sports. Education through sports encourages reflection of learning and socialisation through supervised Self-Study Time and sporting events. Education about sports enhances active and healthy living through sports science workshops.

MS CCA Pic_1.jpg

Education through Sports (Supervised Self Study Time)

MS CCA Pic_2.jpg
MS CCA Pic_3.jpg
Education in Sports (Floorball for P3)                    
Education in Sports (Netball for P4)