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Vision & Goals


An ICT-enriched environment that nurture learners to be innovative, collaborative and responsible.


  • Harnessing Technology to nurture CoL and SDL to be innovative and responsible.
  • Harnessing Technology to create learner-centred environments/platforms that enable learning to happen anytime, anyplace and anywhere.
  • Developing staff who are able to harness technology innovatively to transform learning experiences for engaged learning.
  • Building a robust infrastructure.
  • Harnessing Technology to enhance all aspects of the school's organisation and management.

Programmes & Activities

6-year Plan
6 years plan

P2 Touch-TouchTyping Lesson

6 years plan

P5 Google Powerpoint Lesson

lesson in outdoors

Cyberwellness Programme

Cyberwellness Programme

In this modern age, the use of Information Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity. While it is unquestionable that the use of internet and computers bears a high leverage in enhancing the quality of education and life, it carries alongside a new set of harmful effects and potential risks to our children. As such, the school takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the cyber well being of our young internet users is not compromised even as they reap bountiful fruits from the cyber world.

First of all, a guideline has been drawn up to impress on pupils the importance of staying safe on the internet. This guideline is published on the school website, printed in the school diary and communicated formally to pupils during assembly talks. Teachers also take on the responsibility of reminding pupils constantly so that this simple and practical guideline can be ingrained in their young minds.

Secondly, cyber wellness lessons and activities on netiquette, cyber bullying, addiction, copyrights, dangers with cyber contacts and handling inappropriate content will also be delivered to our pupils. These themes are blended with exisiting civics and moral education lessons and further reinforced during ICT lessons. Teachers relate these themes to our shared values - STAR, making it easier for pupils to comprehend.

Furthermore, it is to engage each and every pupil to think through issues involved in cyber wellness.

Lastly, two student ambassadors have been trained to spearhead the s02:21 PM 10/03/2016chool's effort to fight against the adverse effects of the internet. They will be assisted by two trained ICT monitors from each class.

With such a programme in place, the school hopes that all pupils will become discerning learners to reap the most out of the abudant amount of information in the cyber world.

Cyberwellness Tips for Parents

Please refer to Useful Links for Parents for the following resources:-
  • Notes to Parents on internet use.pdf
  • 2018 Cyber Wellness Resource for Parents: How to guide your child to be a positive influence online

  • Cyberwellness Guidelines