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Physical Education

Vision & Mission


To equip pupils with skills to have fun to lead a healthy lifestyle

To expose pupils to outdoor education through various themes

To provide more exposure for our students to acquire the 5 SEL competencies; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, responsible decision making.

The PE programme in Punggol Primary encompases 2 main components. Sports for All and Sports for Excellence from our S.T.A.R Programme (Sports Talent and Ability Recognition Programme).

"Sport can uplift the individual as well as the nation. It is a powerful tool to bring people of different races and socio-economic levels together to cheer a common cause. It has the potential to provide opportunities for those inclined towards sports. A sports-for-all culture will provide the critical mass from which sporting talents can be spotted. It will also help propel an energetic sports industry. An environment for sporting excellence will invoke national pride and invite international respect. "

Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports


To make every student a better athlete.

Programmes & Activities

Sports for All

This programme is intended for all P1-P3 pupils. They will undergo various activities that will encourage mass participation. This is done to develop the pupils individually as better athletes. In addition, these activities help to provide a large talent base for the sports CCAs. Students identified will be groomed under the ‘Sports for Excellence’ programme.

Sports for Excellence

In our ability driven education system, the Sports for Excellence programme provides the platform to develop further the potential of those who have been identified through the Sports for All programme.

Students from P3-P5 are selected to train with the school team. The students are selected from CCA trials, observation during P.E and play-time during recess.

The model for sports excellence below reflects the Sports for Excellence Programme for Hockey. Hockey is one of the school’s niche CCA as it was awarded the Programme for School-Based Excellence (PSE) by MOE.


Inter-class games  
Interclass games Sports Carnival
Sports carnival Sports carnival


The National Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA) test standards and award requirements were developed by the Sports Medicine and Research Centre of Singapore of the Singapore Sports Council in 1981(NAPFA, 2000). It was introduced in Singapore schools in 1982 at the secondary and pre-university levels and in 1992 at the primary level (NAPFA, 2000).

Test Stations
NAPFA involves a series of five static stations and a 1.6 km Walk/Run.
The six test items of the NAPFA test are:
1. Sit-Ups: Maximum in one minute
- as a measure of anterior abdominal muscular endurance and strength.

2. Standing Broad Jump: Better of two distances
- as a measure of lower limb extensor muscular power.

3. Sit-and-Reach: Better of two attempts with floating zero point
- as a measure of forward trunk flexibility, hip flexion and hamstring muscle stretch.

4. Inclined Pull-Ups: Maximum in half-a-minute
- as a measure of upper limb muscular endurance and strength.

5. 4 x 10m Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4x10 metre attempts
- as a measure of general speed, agility and coordination.

6. 1.6 km Run/Walk: Minimum time on firm and level surface
- as a measure of cardio respiratory endurance (or aerobic) fitness and lower limb muscular endurance.

NAPFA test NAPFA test
NAPFA test NAPFA test