Home-based learning (HBL) is an important extension of our students’ learning. Our school is committed to ensuring that our students get all the support they need to have a conducive learning experience at home.

Using the Active Learning Framework, our teachers design both Asynchronous and Synchronous lessons that are engaging for students and allow them to continue interacting with teachers and peers. We leverage on the Student Learning Space (SLS) as a main platform for our e-learning and complement it with various other web-based tools affordances to ensure that learning objectives are met.  We employ quizzes with social learning elements to evaluate students learning in an interesting manner, host video conferencing for virtual classes and design interactive activities where students can construct knowledge with their peers.



ICT Support for Home-based Learning

ICT Support for Home-based Learning

As provision of computing devices is an integral part of Home-based learning, our students who had no access to computing devices were provided support with either coming to school to complete their HBL or with a loaned device to use at home. PPS ICT Helpdesk, both through a helpline and online form, is also available to enable students to have timely technical support when needed.


PPS ICT Helpdesk

School Operating Hours

During school operating hours, students should contact the School-based Helpline for SLS queries including all SLS access matters such as password reset and unlocking of accounts, as well as queries about lesson assignments.

                   School-based Helpline: 6385 0762

                   Mondays - Fridays: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Students can also fill in a school-based form to request for the above matters at go.gov.sg/sls-pps

For other matters, students can email the SLS Helpdesk at helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com. When emailing the SLS Helpdesk, they should include their full name, name of school and form class.

Parent Kits for Home-based Learning

                The following Parent kits were also shared on our Microsite for Full Home-based Learning to support parents in engaging and monitoring their child at home. 

     MOE Parent Kit for Full Home-Based Learning [Part 1]

     MOE Parent Kit for Full Home-Based Learning [Part 2]

     MOE Parent Kit for Full Home-Based Learning [Part 3]

Useful Links 

            We value the continued support of our parents to ensure that our students have an enriching Home-based learning experience.