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our mission

Our Mission

Igniting the Joy of Learning, Inspiring all to Care and Share.

our vision

Our Vision

A Gracious Community of Confident and Innovative Life-long Learners.


                                                                                ′Pride In Performance′
The star symbol represents performance, excellence and achievement. The freeform is used to symbolize adaptability to changes. The form represents that of a human body leaping forward - showing a dynamic leap to meet societal changes. The star also represents the 4 core values of our school - Self-discipline, Teamwork, Affection and Responsibility.

The heart represents patience, love and most of all, passion and determination - the cornerstones of pride. A portion of the heart is edging out of the star to signify the passion to exceed expectations.

The colour gold represents integrity and moral courage in the fulfillment of duties of responsibilities, while the colour green signifies growth and vitality and blue symbolizes sincerity and unity in harmony.

Punggol Motto