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PPS Vision: A Gracious Community of Confident and Innovative Life-long Learners

In line with MOE’s Student-Centric Values-Driven Education (SVE), the school’s Vision puts focus on developing confident leaders of tomorrow with the heart for others. Cognizant of the demands of the 21st Century, we aim to develop our pupils to be life-long learners who are willing to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn and adopt an innovative mindset such that they view obstacles they face in life as opportunities to overcome challenges.

PPS Mission: Igniting the Joy of Learning, Inspiring All to Care and Share

The school mission reflects the school’s commitment to realising the school vision. The first part of the school mission signals the importance of our pupils enjoying the process of learning. In the words of French philosopher Simone Weil, “The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is to running”. To ignite the joy of learning in our pupils, we enhance the pupils’ natural curiosity and sense of wonder through our curriculum and co-curriculum. With the core belief that every child can learn and excel, the staff is committed to provide a supportive environment that encourages the pupils to continue to try even if they fail in their first few attempts. We believe that through this sense of perseverance and mastery, our pupils will be lifelong learners.

Strategic Thrust 1: Holistic Development of Pupils

To realise our vision, we aim to provide a student centric and all-rounded education that is infused with values by Enriching the Mind, Engaging the Heart and Empowering the Hands. Headed by the Principal and Vice Principal (Academic) and Vice-Principal (Student Development), the school management continuously work towards providing rich programmes that develop the pupils’ potential in the Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Physical, Social and moral (CLAPS) domains, to the fullest. Some of school’s signature programmes include S.T.A.R.S., Greenovation, Art-Science Integration, Whimsical Moments and Authentic Problem-Based Learning.

Strategic Thrust 2: Staff Capacity Building and Well-Being.

Staff is key to achieving our goals and objectives stated in ST 1. To this end, we aim to raise the quality of our staff and improve their well-being such that they become a premier staff who are committed to achieving the school goals. To this end, we have learning and development programmes to raise their competency and effectiveness. With the belief that a happy and engaged staff will lead to greater commitment to the school, we also organise activities that look into their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social (PIES) needs.