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Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting


Gracious individuals who appreciate the arts.



To provide pupils with an opportunity to cultivate greater appreciation of arts and culture.



Pupils can appreciate beauty and paint independently.


Brief Description of CCA

Pupils learn basic painting techniques in their weekly lessons. When they become more skillful, they would be invited to work together to create larger paintings to showcase what they have learnt. In 2019, one of their paintings received a Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention) in SYF. The painting, Harmony, was exhibited at National Museum Singapore and Academy of Singapore Teachers. It was also featured on SYF’s online platform and catalogue.



Art Studio 1



SYF Art and Craft Exhibition 2019 

- Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)

SYF Art and Craft Exhibition 2017 

- Certificate of Recognition 

 SYF Art and Craft Exhibition 2015

- Certificate of Recognition