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Guzheng Ensemble


A graceful community of performers with passion in oriental music


To cultivate grace in performing and appreciation in oriental music


We seek to develop the students’ passion in oriental music and equipping them with the grace, skill and confidence in performing in front of an audience.

Guzheng is a constant presence during the school’s Chinese New Year celebration. The melodious sound enlivens the spirit of festivity. Our students perform in various school events. Students will be trained the basic sight reading skills and plucking techniques under the guidance of our instructors in the Junior Group.  Upon promotion to the Senior Group, the students will be taught performing skills to perform to a larger audience. The performances helped to equip and build confidence in the students.


Every Friday 2 - 4 pm


 PAL / Eureka Room

Teachers in charge

Mdm Joan Lao, Ms Joey Tan, Ms Chan Yoke Peng