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Malay Dance


A graceful, elegant and creative community that finds joy in learning and performing.


To provide a supportive and stimulating environment that will nurture in every individual responsibility, physical and social graciousness, self-confidence and a passion for the Malay performing arts and culture.


To create awareness and stimulate interest as well as to appreciate, promote and uphold the beauty, grace and elegance of traditional Malay performing arts and culture. 

Brief Description of CCA: 

There are many different types of Malay Dance, including the Zapin, Joget and Inang. Our pupils are taught to master the basic movements and the literature behind each dance type. With the different choreographed movements taught, the dancers also learn appropriate body language and facial expressions. The dance instructor is professional, competent, possess years of experience in coaching and is also a seasoned dancer. Apart from performing for school performances our dancers also have the opportunity to perform for public events. 

2018 Highlights

Certificate of Accomplishment for Singapore Youth Festival 2018

Lumiere Performance