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English Debate and Drama Club


To nurture every English Debate & Drama Club member into a confident and creative member, who is able to express himself/herself articulately in the realm of oratory and dramatisation via the use of the English Language.


To expose members to different forms of dramatisation and oratorical skills and ignite a passion and love for theatre arts, argumentation and public speaking.


The goal of the English Debate & Drama Club is to nurture and develop pupils’ talents and skills in the area of public speaking through drama and debate activities.

Brief Description of CCA

In Debate, all members go through training on how to formulate and present arguments in response to assigned motions. Members will have opportunities to research for information and craft their speeches in a structured and persuasive manner. Debate practice sessions and competitions help our members to hone their skills.

In Drama, members are taught the core basics of dramatic technique – vocal projection, awareness of body language, facial expressions and use of space. Members get the opportunity to display what they have learnt through various school-based performances and competitions. Members are also exposed to a myriad of experiences such as script-writing and stage craft which includes making props or designing costumes.


Eureka Studio


1) Wits & Words competition
-Best speaker for Preliminary Round 2
-Winner of Preliminary Round 3
-Top 5 schools in the South Zone

2) Primary School Debate Opens (PSDO) 2019
-Best speaker for Preliminary Round 1
-Winner of Preliminary Round 1

3) Public Performance at Our Tampines Hub for SYF 2019 Celebrations Play!



Year-end Celebration

Year End Celebration.jpg