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Lesson Objectives

At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

Gosh! I Am Changing

What Is Happening To Me?



·       know what puberty is

·       identify the physical changes during puberty

What Can I Do? (Part 1)



·       identify the stresses caused by physical and emotional changes during puberty

·       describe healthy ways to manage the stresses caused by physical and emotional changes during puberty

·       describe the emotions caused by physical changes during puberty

·       recognise that one’s identity does not change even when one’s body is experiencing change due to puberty

Main Task



Pupils are to play the role of an Uncle/Aunt Agony to help a peer address his/her experiences during puberty. They will consider the situation from the point of view of the peer and share ways to help him/her cope with the changes he/she is going through.

Where I Belong

What Are Families?




·       know that there are different types of family structures

·       know that every family is unique

·       state that the three basic functions of families are to provide love, protection and guidance

·       identify the right sources of help to turn to when in need

Where I Belong

What is My Role?



·       know that gender is about being male or female

·       choose not to stereotype by gender

How Do I Keep Myself Safe?

What is Safety?



·       know what sexual abuse is

·       know that there are laws in Singapore that can protect them from sexual abuse

·       know their rights in keeping themselves safe from sexual abuse

Stop It! Run! Tell!



·       protect themselves by resisting, removing themselves from harm and seeking help from a trusted adult

·       know their responsibilities in minimising the risk of sexual harm