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Our Cyber Wellness Programme @ PPS aims to:

  • Develop pupils to become safe, responsible and ethical  users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Our school adopts MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework along with a three-tiered approach to our Cyber Wellness Programme for students.

Assembly Programmes

- Out of the Box assembly talks presented by Cyber Wellness Ambassadors, teachers and vendors
- Pupils learn ways to become safe, responsible and ethical users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
(Pictures taken were pre-COVID in January 2020. Assembly talks will be shifted online.)

Recess Activities:
Throwback to pre-COVID period where the students had recess activities conducted by teachers in charge in the Cyber Wellness Team, together with the assistance of the P5 and P6 Cyber Wellness ambassadors. The students across the levels were quizzed on Cyber knowledge based on the posters around the school and they had fun answering the questions. Students were also asked to create their own pledge towards better internet.

For more info on MOE Cyber Wellness Programme: Click here.