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Cyber Wellness Ambassadors

The roles of the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors include:

- Teach and Advocate: to share CW knowledge with the class to promote greater awareness of the threats of the cyber world.

- Advocate and Lead: Organise and conduct recess activities during ICT week.

- Lead and Inspire: Assist Form teachers in monitoring online activities in class and being a positive role model on these platforms to classmates.

Our ambassadors are appointed and trained from P3 level to assume their roles through P6 level. Due to COVID-19, the students have gained more ICT knowledge but are continuously susceptible to online threats and dangers. Thus the training are conducted online to equip the ambassadors with sensitively and alertness in dealing with these dangers.

Guided by the Cyber Wellness Principles of Sense – Think – Act, the students are constantly reminded to exemplify their actions online and offline.

For more info on MOE Cyber Wellness Programme: Click here.