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Aesthetics Department
Aesthetics Aspirations
Department Mission:
Igniting the Joy of Learning,
Inspiring All to Care and Share
Department Vision:
Gracious Citizens, Practising Talents
Every child has interests and talents.

AL!VE @ Punggol Primary School
also known as
Arts Live in Various Expressions @ PPS

Al!ve @ PPS through B.E.S.T Framework

The school leverages on the Arts to nurture gracious and creative pupils. A recipient of the National Arts Education (Glow) Award conferred by National Arts Council, the school has a vibrant arts education programme.

Underpinning all the Aesthetics programmes and curriculum is our B.E.S.T ( B road-based E xposure for all and S pecial development for the T alented) framework which aims to provide the optimal environment for learning. B.E.S.T is then deployed through the pillars of our Aesthetics programme , the 5Es:

Arts E xposure
Arts E nrichment
Arts E xcursion
Arts E xperience
Arts E nhancement

The first 3 Es address the Broad-based Exposure while the 4th and 5th Es address the Special Development for the Talented, with all 5Es supporting PPS Outcomes. 

Arts Exposure - aims at exposing pupils to various art forms through Assembly Programmes
Arts Experience - aims at stimulating creativity, innovation and thinking by developing confidence and communicative skills through provision of opportunities to exhibit skills
Arts Excursion - aims at providing quality experiences and learning through attendance at art exhibitions, musicals and the likes. 
Arts Enhancement - provides an avenue for pupils to further their learning in an area of interest through their CCA
Arts Enrichment - povides opportunities for the talented to practise and enhance their skills, beyond the curriculum.

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