Transform teaching and learning towards a 21st century education

We believe that igniting the joy of learning begins with quality teaching & learning. A well-designed and well-enacted lesson that can engage our pupils to collaborate & create with each other, and also empower them to learn independently, will not only allow for quality learning to take place but also enjoyment in the process.

Technology presents us with immense opportunities to facilitate this desired quality teaching & learning where learning can take place at any time, place, pace and path. In the process, our pupils are nurtured to become Future-ready & Responsible Digital Learners.

This is in alignment with MOE’s Masterplan 4.

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To that end we are continuously working towards deepening digital learning and digital literacy in our Total curriculum. We adopt a three-pronged approach.

1.        Strengthen
Strengthen the e-Pedagogy of our teachers to enable them to design varied, engaging and impactful learning experiences and environments. This is built on a culture of collaboration, sharing and transfer of learning.

2.        Support
Close the digital gaps amongst pupils that arise as a result of different backgrounds and starting point. Enhancing our ICT infrastructure is a key element.

3.        Stretch

Customised ICT programmes to develop our pupils 21st century competencies including the knowledge to navigate technology responsibly. Also, providing our pupils real-world opportunities and platforms to demonstrate and apply these competencies and knowledge.