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A Community of Confident and Effective Communicator.


Igniting the Joy of Learning for Mother Tongue Language.

Promote Learning for Life by Igniting the Joy of learning

  • Students develop communication skills and become confident speakers through collaborative learning with a range of authentic and challenging classroom activities.

  • Students are engaged through various ICT resources and language games.

  • Students learning is well supported by the various Formative Assessment Tools that allows timely feedback for teachers to adjust to their learning needs.

Welcome diversity and embrace all learners

Mother Tongue Support Program (Chinese Language) – This is a program that is designed to support P3 and P4 students with weaker foundation in their mother tongue language.

Higher Mother Tongue (Curriculum) – This subject is offered to provide an opportunity for students with higher ability and interest in MTL to excel.

Differentiated Instruction Teaching – Differentiated lessons are planned according to student’s readiness, interest and learning profile.

Embrace Technology to prepare students for the future

To deepen subject mastery and develop 21st Century Competencies, a range of different online platforms and tools are embedded in Student Learning Space (SLS) lessons.