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Vision & Mission

Aesthetics Department
Aesthetics Aspirations
Department Mission:
Igniting the Joy of Learning,
Inspiring All to Care and Share
Department Vision:
Gracious Citizens, Practising Talents
Every child has interests and talents.

AL!VE @ Punggol Primary School
also known as
Arts Live in Various Expressions @ PPS

Al!ve @ PPS through B.E.S.T Framework

The school leverages on the Arts to nurture gracious and creative pupils. A recipient of the National Arts Education (Glow) Award conferred by National Arts Council, the school has a vibrant arts education programme.

Underpinning all the Aesthetics programmes and curriculum is our B.E.S.T ( B road-based E xposure for all and S pecial development for the T alented) framework which aims to provide the optimal environment for learning. B.E.S.T is then deployed through the pillars of our Aesthetics programme , the 5Es:

Arts E xposure
Arts E nrichment
Arts E xcursion
Arts E xperience
Arts E nhancement

The first 3 Es address the Broad-based Exposure while the 4th and 5th Es address the Special Development for the Talented, with all 5Es supporting PPS Outcomes. 

Arts Exposure - aims at exposing pupils to various art forms through Assembly Programmes
Arts Experience - aims at stimulating creativity, innovation and thinking by developing confidence and communicative skills through provision of opportunities to exhibit skills
Arts Excursion - aims at providing quality experiences and learning through attendance at art exhibitions, musicals and the likes. 
Arts Enhancement - provides an avenue for pupils to further their learning in an area of interest through their CCA
Arts Enrichment - provides opportunities for the talented to practise and enhance their skills, beyond the curriculum.

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Programmes & Activities

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Aesthetics Week

All Performing Arts CCAs were eager to showcase to the school what they have learnt at their CCA and they performed with pride.  Pupils from the Visual Arts CCA also shared about their art piece and the processes they went through in planning their masterpiece.

AestheticWeek (1).jpeg
AestheticWeek (4).jpeg
AestheticWeek (3).jpeg
AestheticWeek (5).jpeg
AestheticWeek (6).jpegAesthetic (9).jpg
AestheticWeek (8).jpeg
AestheticWeek (7).jpeg
AestheticWeek (2).jpeg

Art Curriculum

 ArtC(7).jpeg ArtC(11).jpeg ArtC(9).jpeg

 Art (15).jpeg

Art Fiesta

Art Fiesta consist of art jamming booths where pupils can explore using various material to create art pieces which they can take home.

Fiesta (1).jpegFiesta (2).jpegFiesta (3).jpeg
Fiesta (4).jpeg
Fiesta (5).jpeg
Fiesta (6).jpeg


Busking is a recess programme where pupils who are eager to perform can sign up to showcase their talents. There had been pupils who shared magic tricks, played musical instruments like the ukulele, piano and guitar, several dance performances which they choreographed themselves and numerous singing performances.

Busking (1).jpg
Busking (2).jpeg
Busking (3).jpeg
Busking (4).jpeg
Busking (5).jpeg
Busking (6).jpeg

Collaboration with NAFA

P3 and P4 pupils were treated to performances on various musical instruments by students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. They also learnt about the instruments and learnt songs about Mathematics concepts.

Nafa(8).jpeg Nafa(9).jpeg 

Music Curriculum

Music (1).jpeg
Music (2).jpeg
Music (3).jpeg
Music (4).jpeg
Music (8).jpg
Music (6).jpg
 Music (7).jpgMusic (5).jpeg  


A programme to stimulate pupils’ interests in the arts in the hall in the morning before they begin with lessons.


P4 Museum-Based Learning

The P4 pupils were treated to a Learning Journey to the National Gallery Singapore to learn more about Singapore history through Art.


PPS Art Exhibition at Cheng San Public Library @ Hougang Mall - 3rd June to 26th June 2019