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Character & Citizenship Education

Programmes & Activities

The design of the Character and Citizenship Framework serves to consolidate the processes, systems and structures of our unique CCE Programme. PPS believes that every individual matters and as a community anchored in values, our teachers strive to provide a caring and stimulating environment through the different platforms for students to acquire specific Social-Emotional (SE) competencies in the Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Physical, Social and Moral (CLAPS) domains. A key platform is our Character Development Programme, including Character and Citizenship Education, Student Leadership, VIA (also known as PPS ‘I Care, I Share Programme), Student Management and CCA. Another key platform is our Citizenship Programme which is delivered through our National Education Programmes and Social Studies Curriculum.

Programmes & Activities

PPS Character Development Programme:


Learning Outcomes:

Every Punggolite a Gracious Citizen, a Confident Leader, an Innovative Team Player and a Lifelong learner

Our PPS Character Development Programme and Curriculum are guided by our Level Learning Outcomes:



CCE Level Learning Outcomes


Orientation Stage

Pr 1

Confident & Gracious Individuals

·        Students who acquires self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being. 

·        Students who cares and shares with their peers and family.


Pr 2

Family & Peers

Exploration Stage

Pr 3

Innovative Team Players

·        Students who develop social awareness and manage relationships for one’s social well-being.

·        Students who explore and innovate creatively to overcome challenges.


Pr 4


Mastery Stage

Pr 5

Gracious Citizens, Confident Leaders, 
Innovative Team Players and Lifelong Learners

·        Students who are informed, concerned and participative citizens who make responsible decisions and act on them.


Pr 6




·        Form Teacher Guidance Period

In line with the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) recommendations and key strategies for ‘Strategies to Ensure More Attention to Individual Pupil Development throughout Primary School Life’ (SEAIP), the school has fully implemented the Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) from Primary 1 to 6. Form Teachers (FT) play a central role in shaping the development of our students, and thus, it is important for us to strengthen the provision of pastoral care by leveraging on this structured time to create stable and positive Teacher-Student Relationships.

FTGP is held on the last period every Wednesday for FTs to engage in quality interactions with our students and to help students strengthen their SE competencies. During these sessions, there would be play activities between the FTs and students to enhance bonding as well as the teaching of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills - SEL teaches our students the need to handle themselves, relationships, and work, both effectively and ethically.

Lessons on Cyber-wellness (CW), Education and Career Guidance (ECG) and protection from abuse are incorporated in FTGP lessons to address specific issues, reinforce core values and SEL to enable our students to apply them to specific contexts.

PPS has embraced The Champion Mindset and has integrated the learning and mastery of the skills into our FTGP scheme of work. Students are guided to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) and thought how to reframe their mindset towards success.

Our PPS form and co-form teachers also take turns to converse with our students during FTGP to make our students feel important and valued. Students are encouraged to complete activities in the Student Diary that would help their teachers understand them better during these one-to-one sessions. Through these quality conversations, pupils' needs, character traits, dispositions and attitudes are identified which enables the teachers to give necessary guidance and assistance.

·        CCE (Mother Tongue / English Language) Lessons

The teaching of values, knowledge and skills are taught in the Mother Language Languages (MTL) in primary school. For students who are offered the Non-Tamil Indian Languages and for those who are exempted from MTL, CCE lessons are taught in English. To cater to these students, instructional materials are provided in English.

Designed with students’ daily experiences as context, CCE lessons help students to better relate to them and make learning more meaningful and relevant. Students are also engaged in collaborative activities and projects to learn values through three overarching ideas - Identity, Relationships and Choices in six domains, starting with self and extending to the family, school, community, nation and the world.

·        Pre-Morning Assembly (Out-of-the-Box) Programme

This programme is carried out by the CCE department members, teachers and pupils, who share stories and articles on our School Core values (Self-Discipline. Teamwork. Affection. Responsibility), National Education citizenship dispositions and Values-in-Action. The presenters use varied innovative strategies and resources to make their sharing more interesting and interactive for our students to internalise our school values, national values and community responsibility.


·        Termly Pupil Recognition Award

The Termly Pupil Recognition Award recognises pupils who have role-modelled our school values by exemplifying observable character traits in their daily practices and who live up to our school vision of being ‘A Gracious Community of Confident and Innovative Life-Long Learners’. Form teachers of each level will use the character development rubric to nominate the model pupil of his/her class at the end of each term. These model pupils will then be featured prominently at our school’s CCE corner.

·        Contemporary Issues Discussions (CID)

In order to ensure that we have a shared and lively narrative in a multi-dimensional Singapore Story, PPS has carved out time to allow for student voices and experiences to be heard through discussions of Singapore’s contemporary realities through issues. This is done through Relational Circles with both the form and co-form teachers engaging our students in conversations.


National Education

The NE Team strives to deliver innovative and engaging activities that emphasise the objectives of the four NE Core Days; Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day. We encourage Student Voice and seek to develop the citizenship dispositions – a sense of belonging, a sense of reality, a sense of hope and the will to action - amongst students by creating opportunities for student-led activities and sharing. We also focus on Strengthening the Singapore Story and nurturing Confident Speakers by giving pupils opportunities to reflect and share their views with the school.


Here are some photographs capturing our students during our NE Core days commemoration/celebrations.

Total Defence Day

International Friendship Day