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Art Club

Every Tuesday, pupils in Art Club are immersed in activities that promote their creativity. Pupils are involved in competitions such SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) logo design, creating towel crafts for the elderly, balloon sculpting and other craft making activities. 


Cheng San Library Art Exhibition

Budding artists from Punggol Primary School got a special highlight when their artworks got exhibited at the Cheng San Public Library from 12 March to 24 March 2018, through a special collaboration between the school and the National Library Board.  Visitors to the library were treated to a visual feast, ranging from metal tooling crafts, acrylic painting, still life drawings, Chinese brush paintings and ceramic sculptures done by pupils across the six levels. It was indeed a proud moment for these young artists, to see the public appreciating and admiring their artworks and taking pictures of the exhibits on display.

LB2 (1).jpg
Art Exhibition 1 Art Exhibition 2
 LB2 (3).jpgLB2 (2).jpg 
 Art Exibition 3    Group Photo of Our Teachers

Chinese Brush Painting

- To expose pupils to Chinese Brush Painting and to create awareness as well as to develop an
  appreciation for Chinese art.

- To develop pupils' creative and artistic talent.

Brief Description of CCA:
Pupils attend 2 hours of lesson every week, learning the basics of Chinese Brush Painting. Talented young painters from all levels have the opportunity to take part in the biennial SYF competition.

Art Studio 1


2018 Zhang Shou Shi National Calligraphy and Chinese Painting Exhibition 

  • Two pieces of paintings exhibited
  • One received an award

  •       Exhibition during Lumiere. 


  •       Exhibition at Cheng San Library




Developing talents and arts enthusiasts with a heart.

To cultivate in pupils an appreciation and a life-long interest in the arts.


The school choir was first established in 1996. Presently, our school senior choir comprises of members ranging from Primary 3 to Primary 6 while the junior choir are from the Primary 1 and Primary 2. The objective of the Choir CCA is to develop student’s potential in singing and performing skills as well as to promote appreciation for choir. The CCA also focuses on character building as well as leadership training.

The Choir CCA plays a major role in various school events, frequently staging performances in school’s celebrations as well as public performances. Besides the weekly practices, choir members also attend workshops and exchange programmes to constantly improve and better equip the members with singing skills and vocal training. Through the exposure of both the internal and external performances, choir members gain more confidence in public performance.

Music Room 1


2017: Singapore International Choral Festival Silver
2016: SYF Distinction
2014: SYF Distinction
2012: SYF Silver



  • SYF (Distinction)
  • Choral Camp
  • Lumiere (SYF Presentation Concert)



  • Choral Camp (June)
  • The Big Sing (Esplanade Recital Hall)
  • NUSS Singathon
  • NUSS Singathon
  • VIA at Brighthill Evergreen Home
  • Ukulele Workshop



  • VIA at Brighthill Evergreen Home
  • Choral Camp
  • Lumiere (SYF Presentation Concert)


Performance Videos

Singapore International Choral Festival 2017 Pic_1.jpg


Competition: Singapore International Choral Festival 2017
Category: Equal Voices under 12 and below
Award: Silver



Brief Description of CCA:
The Guzheng ensemble performed at the SYF 2016 with two renditions of a Jiangsu folk song. Through this competition and various teambuilding activities, the members of the ensemble learnt to work together as a team. The students have also became more resilient in character and tolerant of others thus exhibiting our STAR values. Through their perseverance, they obtained Certificate of Accomplishment in the SYF 2016.


Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance performed in the following 2 events:

On 20th March 2016 
 “Ceremony of ABC Waters & Hougang Town Hibiscus Family Carnival”

On 19th April 2016
Singapore Kindness Movement at BrightHill Evergreen Home 

- Singapore Youth Festival Competition 2012 (Gold Award)
- Singapore Youth Festival Competition 2010 (Silver Award)
- 2018 SYF Chinese Dance - Distinction Award
- 2016 SYF Chinese Dance - Accomplishment Award
- 2014 SYF Chinese Dance - Distinction Award
- 2012 SYF Chinese Dance - Distinction Award

2 Nov 2016 - Chinese Dance performance at Singapore - Korea International School

SYF 2018 Distinction


Malay Dance

A graceful, elegant and creative community that finds joy in learning and performing.

To provide a supportive and stimulating environment that will nurture in every individual responsibility, physical and social graciousness, self-confidence and a passion for the Malay performing arts and culture.

To create awareness and stimulate interest as well as to appreciate, promote and uphold the beauty, grace and elegance of traditional Malay performing arts and culture.

Brief Description of CCA:
There are many different types of Malay Dance, including the Zapin, Joget and Inang. Our pupils are taught to master the basic movements and the literature behind each dance type. With the different choreographed movements taught, the dancers also learn appropriate body language and facial expressions. The dance instructor is professional, competent, possess years of experience in coaching and is also a seasoned dancer. Apart from performing for school performances like the yearly Prize-giving presentation day and the Hari Raya Concert, our dancers also have the opportunity to perform for public events.

2018 Highlights

Certificate of Accomplishment for Singapore Youth Festival 2018

Lumiere Performance

Malay Dance 1.jpg

SYF 2018
Malay Dance 2.jpg
Putting on stage makeup for each other. 
Malay Dance 3.jpg
Bonding session over food 



Indian Dance

The School’s Indian Dance Team participated in had their first SYF competition this year. The team clinched the Certificate of Accomplishment Award for 2016. The pupils put in a lot of effort in mastering the classical Indian dance movements. Through the competition, the pupils learnt to embody the school’s STAR values.

Indian dance performers

Concert Band

Brief description of CCA:
The concert band was first founded in 2005. Guided by our belief that ‘Every Child has Interests and Talents’, Punggol Primary School Concert Band has been nurturing budding musicians since 2005. With a passion for music and expression, the PPS concert band has grown from strength to strength.
The band provides platform for the pupils to grow aesthetically and holistically in the STAR values. The band has produced capable musicians and student leaders who entered their dream secondary schools through DSA.


Practice Days and Time:
Tuesday and Thursday (2.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m.)

Events participated:
We have performed as a guest band for various schools, presented at platforms such as ‘Concert by the Bay’ series and in 2015 Korea-Singapore students’ Music Festival at Maria Bay Sands.

Concert Band

Overseas Cultural Immersion Programme in Taipei, Taiwan:

Together with Wen Huah Elementary School from Taiwan and Fu Zi Miao from China, Punggol Primary School played in an inaugural combined concert to celebrate the joy of learning music in a cultural immersion programme.

Overseas trip to Taiwan

Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2016 – Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2014 – Certificate of Achievement
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2012 – Silver Award
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2010 – Bronze Award
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2008 – Silver Award


The Angklung CCA is an eclectic mix of pupils from many backgrounds who share a passion for the traditional musical instrument. The Angklung CCA’s repertoire is varied; playing from anything traditional such as ‘Hayat’ to modern hits like ‘Love Theme from The Godfather’. In 2016, they took part in the prestigious biennial SYF and achieved the Certificate of Commendation.


2016 – Certificate of Commendation
2014 – Certificate of Accomplishment
2012 – SYF Central Judging ‘Bronze Award’
2010 – SYF Central Judging ‘Silver Award’

Angklung performers