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Clubs and Uniformed Groups

Boys' Brigade

Mission and Vision :

BB Mission and Vision

Boys’ Brigade 75th Junior Company 

We aim to develop and nurture leaders with habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect by providing physical, social and spiritual interests guided by adult leaders as officers.   

Achievements for Annual James Fraser Excellence Award: 

2018 - Silver Honour Roll
2017 - Silver Honour Roll
2016 - Gold Honour Roll
2015 – Gold Honour Roll 
2014 – Gold Honour Roll 
2013 – Gold Honour Roll 
2012 – Gold Honour Roll 
2011 – Silver Honour Roll 
2010 – Bronze Honour Roll

This year, we are proud to achieve the Silver Honour Rolls for the annual JM Fraser Competition, BB Adventure Quest and BB Week respectively.

This award is named after the Founder of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore, Mr James Milner Fraser, an architect from Britain and a former member of the 23rd Aberdeen and 33rd London Companies. Mr J M Fraser started the 1st Singapore Company on 12 January 1930 at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. For this award, all Singapore BB Companies are evaluated based on Company administration and operations.

We would like to thank all BB Officers and parents for their unwavering support in our BB Company.Special Thanks:

We are thankful for
the support given by Paya Lebar Methodist Church, our sponsoring Church, Officers, Volunteer Adult Leaders, parents and a group of dedicated ex-pupils who help out in our weekly parades. They have been a source of motivation and inspiration to our Boys. 


Girls' Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade – 75th Company

The Girls’ Brigade recruit girls from P3 to P6 levels. The girls are developed holistically through programmes like music, craft activities, learning journeys, community projects and camps such as 'Fast Food and Fuzz' Camp, 'Junior Leadership Training Camp' and School Camp.  Through the GB curriculum, the GB aims to develop each pupil and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering them with practical life skills, leadership skills and instil moral values.



The Girls’ Brigade won Gold awards again! The support of Paya Lebar Methodist Church, parents and teachers have enabled the GB girls to develop through character training, music, craft activities, camps and community projects that build teamwork and service. Cheers for the GB Company Gold and Top Donation Collector School Awards this year!

GB Company Gold award pic2.JPG
GB Gold Company award pic.JPG
Cheers from Pastor Christopher Chin, GB VALS, Ms Rachel and GB girls : GB Company Gold AwardGB Personnel with GOH - Mrs Tan Chen Kee Divisional Director (Student Development Curriculum/MOE)
GB Low Guat Tin Digital Challenge silver award.JPG
The Girls' Brigade won Silver Award for Low Guat Tin Digital Challenge

Science & Greenovation Club


Pupils to be gracious, creative and innovative learners, striving towards excellence in learning and service in their community.


Pupils as budding scientists and environmentalists, constantly seeking new ways to save nature’s resources.


Pupils to participate in school-wide initiatives that promote environmental care, to communicate with others on nature, life sciences and share knowledge with other learners.

Brief Description of CCA:

The Science & Greenovation Club consists of Primary 3 to Primary 6 Science and Recycling enthusiasts. Through the varied experiences gained from investigative hands-on activities and trainings in problem solving methods, every child becomes confident in seeking innovative ways to care for the world he or she lives in.

Our pupils also participate in the annual Sembcorp Marine’s “Green Wave” Project, the Environmental Outreach Programme of the School Green Awards and the SEC 3R Programme - 3R Award.   

Through such platforms and experiences, every child will develop a deeper understanding of the role he or she plays in the natural world and becomes a gracious and responsible world citizen.


Science Room


  • Green Wave Environment Competition 2011 Third
  • Green Wave Environment Competition 2015 Merit Award

Activities at a glance:

  • Investigative Experiments
  • Explorative Science Games
  • Greenovation Week
  • Greenwave Project
  • Environmental Programmes
  • Walks and Trails
  • Presentations of Project Work
  • Application of Future Problem Solving Skills
CCA presentors
Visit by Mr Masagos Make your own toy
Problem solving Bottled garden
Hanging up the garden bottled garden project

Slide3.JPG Slide4.JPG 
Slide5.JPG  Slide6.JPG

Math Club

1. To provide a supportive and stimulating environment in nurturing every member a love for Math.
2. To inculcate in members confidence and joy in learning.
3. To provide platform for members to lead and serve.

Brief Description:
Members are nurtured holistically in their Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Physical and Social & Moral aspects (CLAPS). They are given opportunities to engage in activities such as investigative work, research, games, Math-art and community involvement projects.

Fun with Maths

Pupils had fun in learning Math during outdoor activities.

Math explorations
Math explorations

Pupils had the opportunity to learn measurement through fun baking and sewing sessions.

Fun in learning
Math in games

Pupils engaged in hands-on activities.

Infocomm & Journalism Club

Infocomm Club aims to equip pupils who are IT enthusiasts with videography, photography and animation skills.  Pupils learn how to handle a digital camera and video camera.  They are also taught on how to edit photos, video clips using freeware programs and cyber-wellness.

Pupils who show potential in these IT skills will be given opportunity to represent the school to take part in competitions such as School Digital Media Awards (SDMA) and National Primary School Photography Competition.

Digital media award
digital media award
Setting up the tripod


Robotics Club equips our pupils with ICT and Computational skills so that they become problem solvers and innovative thinkers. The environment is one which entails the pupils to have hands-on experience in building robots and using computers to do a basic drag and drop programming. Our club emphasises strongly on our STAR values in our weekly training to ensure that our members are developed holistically. 


Library/Media Resource Club

Reading with joy for life.

To bring books and reading materials in all forms to every child.

Brief Description of CCA:
Our school library boasts a strength of 30 pupil librarians from Primary 3 to Primary 6, 2 teacher librarians and our School Librarian, Aunty Peggy.

Our pupil librarians, under the guidance of the teachers, oversee the loaning and organising of library books and organise school reading activities like storytelling time, reading quizzes and thematic book displays.

Reading activities

Library Displays

Library Display 1.jpg
Library Display 2.jpg
LibraryDisplay3.jpg LibrayrDisplay4.jpg 
LibraryDisplay5.jpg  Library Display 6.jpg
Library Display 7.jpg  Library Display 8.jpg
 Library Display 9.jpg Library Display 10.jpg
 Library Display 11.jpg Library Display 12.jpg

Library Learning Journeys

Library LJ.jpg

 Our School library boasts a collection of 36 000 books, comprising picture books for younger and       beginning readers, fiction and non-fiction books in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil Languages.
Library Superheroes

Library Superheroes 1.jpg

Superheroes 1 (1).jpg
Superheroes 2.jpg

Fun @ Library

Fun @ Library 1.jpg
Fun @ Library 2.jpg
Fun @ Library 3.jpg
Fun @ Library 4.jpg

English Debate & Drama Club

Schedule: Tuesday 2 to 3.30pm

Brief Overview of CCA:

The goal of the Drama & Debate Club is to nurture and develop pupils’ talents and skills in the area of public speaking through drama and debate activities.

In Drama, members are taught the core basics of dramatic technique – vocal projection, awareness of body language, facial expressions and use of space. Members get the opportunity to display what they have learnt through various school-based performances and competitions. Members are also exposed to a myriad of experiences such as s cript-writing and stage craft which includes making props or designing costumes.

drama1.jpg drama2.jpg

Affirmation Day

Wits & Words 2019: Inter-School Debate Championship
[Jointly organised by The Ministry of Education & Debate Association (Singapore) ]

Preliminary  Rounds:
1) Rosyth School
2) Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
3) Canberra Primary School


  •      Best Speaker for Preliminary Round 2 - Jayden Toh
  •      Winner of Preliminary Round 3
  •      Top 5 Schools in the South Zone

   Our Debators

     1. Putri Iman

     2. Reanna Choo

     3. Jayden Toh

     4. Heng Qi Yang

     5. Chaw Yu Zer