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Clubs and Uniformed Groups

Boys' Brigade

Mission and Vision :

BB Mission and Vision

The Boys’ Brigade 75th Junior Company 

We aim to develop and nurture leaders with habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect by providing physical, social and spiritual interests guided by adult leaders as officers.   

Achievements for Annual James Fraser Excellence Award:

2017 - Silver Honour Roll
2016 - Gold Honour Roll
2015 – Gold Honour Roll 
2014 – Gold Honour Roll 
2013 – Gold Honour Roll 
2012 – Gold Honour Roll 
2011 – Silver Honour Roll 
2010 – Bronze Honour Roll

This year, we are proud to achieve the Silver Honour Rolls for the annual JM Fraser Competition, BB Adventure Quest and BB Week respectively.

Special Thanks:
We are thankful for
the support given by Paya Lebar Methodist Church, our sponsoring Church, Officers, Volunteer Adult Leaders, parents and a group of dedicated ex-pupils who help out in our weekly parades. They have been a source of motivation and inspiration to our Boys. 


Girls' Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade – 75th Company

The Girls’ Brigade recruit girls from P2 to P6 levels. The girls are developed holistically through programmes organized by the school like music, craft activities, learning journeys, camps, community projects and GBHQ activities such as The Fast Food and Fuzz Camp, Junior Leadership Training Camp etc.  Through the GB curriculum, the GB aims to develop each pupil and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering them with practical life skills, leadership skills and instil moral values.


PPS Girls Brigade 75th company has won the Gold Company Award for the seventh consecutive year. The girls also won the Bronze Award in the Drill Competition in 2018. The Girls Brigade has won 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 7 Bronze in National Competitions. This year, our head prefect, Neo See Boon, is awarded the highest award for primary school pupils – the Junior Brigadier Brooch award.


Company Gold Award ceremony


Neo See Boon meeting the President on her inauguration 
Walking the extra mile with the lonely and needy people at Christmas Orchard

GB girls presenting a song and dance item for old folks at a senior citizens’ home 

E2K Science Club

E2K Science club is a new CCA started this year which is conducted on Mondays, from 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Pupils learn Science by going through the same process that scientists use to generate knowledge in Science. Through collaborative learning and guidance provided by the teacher, we aim to nurture other important 21st century competencies such as resilience and resourcefulness, critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills when they present their ideas and solutions to their peers.

P4s and P5s conducting experiments like a scientist during CCA this semester:

E2K Science E2K Science
Thinking of a solution Working together

Science & Greenovation Club


Pupils to be gracious, creative and innovative learners, striving towards excellence in learning and service in their community.


Pupils as budding scientists and environmentalists, constantly seeking new ways to save nature’s resources.


Pupils to participate in school-wide initiatives that promote environmental care, to communicate with others on nature, life sciences and share knowledge with other learners.

Brief Description of CCA:

The Science & Greenovation Club consists of Primary 3 to Primary 6 Science and Recycling enthusiasts. Through the varied experiences gained from investigative hands-on activities and trainings in problem solving methods, every child becomes confident in seeking innovative ways to care for the world he or she lives in.

Our pupils also participate in the annual Sembcorp Marine’s “Green Wave” Project, the Environmental Outreach Programme of the School Green Awards and the SEC 3R Programme - 3R Award.   

Through such platforms and experiences, every child will develop a deeper understanding of the role he or she plays in the natural world and becomes a gracious and responsible world citizen.


Science Room


  • Green Wave Environment Competition 2011 Third
  • Green Wave Environment Competition 2015 Merit Award

Activities at a glance:

  • Investigative Experiments
  • Explorative Science Games
  • Greenovation Week
  • Greenwave Project
  • Environmental Programmes
  • Walks and Trails
  • Presentations of Project Work
  • Application of Future Problem Solving Skills
CCA presentors
Visit by Mr Masagos Make your own toy
Problem solving Bottled garden
Hanging up the garden bottled garden project

Maths Club

1. To provide a supportive and stimulating environment in nurturing every member a love for Math.
2. To inculcate in members confidence and joy in learning.
3. To provide platform for members to lead and serve.

Brief Description:
Members are nurtured holistically in their Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Physical and Social & Moral aspects (CLAPS). They are given opportunities to engage in activities such as investigative work, research, games, Math-art and community involvement projects.

Fun with Maths

Pupils had fun in learning Math during outdoor activities.

Math explorations
Math explorations

Pupils had the opportunity to learn measurement through fun baking and sewing sessions.

Fun in learning
Math in games

Pupils engaged in hands-on activities.

Infocomm Club

Infocomm Club aims to equip pupils who are IT enthusiasts with videography, photography and animation skills.  Pupils learn how to handle a digital camera and video camera.  They are also taught on how to edit photos, video clips using freeware programs and cyber-wellness.

Pupils who show potential in these IT skills will be given opportunity to represent the school to take part in competitions such as School Digital Media Awards (SDMA) and National Primary School Photography Competition.

Digital media award
digital media award
Setting up the tripod

Robotic Club

Robotics Club equips our pupils with IT skills so that they become problem solvers and innovative thinkers. The environment is one which entails the pupils to have hands-on experience in building robots and using computers to program them and making them move.

IDE 2016

IDE 2016
IDE 2016

Robotics club has won 1st and 2nd place in IDE 2016 Robotics competition.  We have been the champion for 3rd time consecutively! 

APYRC (Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition)

Last year, our robotics club took part in the APYRC winter challenge in November 2015. Our boys managed to get 2nd and 3rd place for the surprise mission competition.

Robotics Competition


Reading with joy for life.

To bring books and reading materials in all forms to every child.

Brief Description of CCA:
Our school library boasts a strength of 30 pupil librarians from Primary 3 to Primary 6, 2 teacher librarians and our School Librarian, Aunty Peggy.

Our pupil librarians, under the guidance of the teachers, oversee the loaning and organising of library books and organise school reading activities like storytelling time, reading quizzes and thematic book displays.

Reading activities
Thematic book display
Visit to sports museum
Library activities

Our School library boasts a collection of 36 000 books, comprising picture books for younger and beginning readers, fiction and non-fiction books in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil Languages.

Library superheroes

English Club

The English Club CCA is made up of 16 members ranging from Primary 2 to 6 pupils. We believe that every pupil in our club is unique.

We hold the vision to equip each pupil the skill of becoming competent news journalists through literary works in simple dramatization, reporting roles, interviewing, storytelling and debating on a small scale. The pupils work on mini projects that provide them room for churning out news about school life such as The Journey to SYF, etc.

Drama Club



This year, 14 pupils from the Drama Club participated in the inaugural International Science Drama Competition that was held at the Science Centre. More than thirty schools participated in this nation-wide preliminary rounds and PPS was one of  the eight schools in the grand finals, which comprised participants from Singapore and China. PPS Drama Club achieved the Second Prize in the competition and Lee Wei Han, from P5-1, won the Most Outstanding Performer Award. Well done, Drama Club!

Science Drama Competition

Clinching the Second Prize in ISDC 2015!

ISDC 2015

All smiles after their performance!

Best performer

Lee Wei Han, from P5-1, with his Most Outstanding Performer Award.

CL Journalist Club

A confident and eloquent group of student reporters who finds joy in presenting news events in Mandarin.

To develop a greater interest and love for the Chinese Language through journalistic activities.

We aim to develop and enhance communication skills in pupils by equipping them with basic journalism skills and allowing them to present the latest school events/ news using newsmaker video clips.

Brief Description of CCA:
In this CCA, pupils are trained in video journalism and to present news in a creative and objective manner. Pupils with potential are selected and trained to host school events or take part in national competitions.

2014 – 6th National News Production Award (Top in Consolation Category)
2015 – 7th National News Production Award (Bronze Award)

CL journalist club

Visit to Singapore Mediacorp Radio on 15th September 2015 as part of our learning journey. (想要当广播员吗?现在就来试试看!)


Fitness and Recreation (F&R) Club

Fitness & Recreation (F&R) Club is a new programme initiated by the school to address the concern of the rising prevalence of obesity in children. We adopt a holistic approach in helping our overweight pupils to manage their weight healthily through lifestyle modifications. This includes staying physically active while maintaining a balanced diet. A variety of activities will be conducted to encourage them to exercise and stay fit. They will also be educated on healthier food options and be equipped with knowledge to make informed food and drink choices. Later in the year, making of healthier snacks will also be taught to the pupils. We hope that parents will work with the F&R Club teachers to support their children in this endeavour.

 ‘Getting to Know You’ through playing ‘Hunter, Earthquake and Fire’

 Game Time – Playing Captain’s Ball at the end of the session. 

Circuit training – Push ups station – getting help from the teacher. Circuit training – Sit-ups station – getting help from friends. 

 The lower primary members playing Captain’s Ball with Mrs Heng as the referee.

 Circuit training – Jumping Jacks station – having fun with friends. 
 My Food Journal – A record of my meals and whether they are suitable for me using the ‘Traffic lights’ guide 

My Activity Log Card – A record of my activities to earn stars to get rewards for exercising and keeping fit. 

CCA schedule