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Punggol Primary School was established in January 1995 at the former Hai Sing Girls’ High School. In March 1998, the school moved to its current location and underwent PRIME in 2002-2004. With a student population of about 1400 pupils and staffed by 90 teachers and 16 support/administrative officers, the school has been slated for PERI upgrading in 2014 and will be transiting to single session in 2015.

The following are the Principals who have led Punggol Primary School since it was first established:
1995 – 1999 : Miss Elizabeth Chan
2000 – 2005 : Mrs Chean-Ho Wei Fang
2006 – 2012 : Ms Chua Soh Leng
2013 – 2019: Mr Hanafi Asmore
2020 - Present: Ms Chew Tock Lee

School’s milestone achievements:

Programme for School Based Excellence (Hockey)

People Developer Standards Certified

Best Practice Award (Staff Wellbeing)

School Distinction Award
Best Practice (Teaching and Learning)
Best Practice (Staff Well-Being and Development)
Best Practice (Student All-Round Development)