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Welcome to PSG


Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to Punggol Primary School’s Parent Support Group website!

Punggol Primary School (PPS) is a strong advocate of home-school-community partnership and this benefits our children greatly. Over the years, through this partnership, we have built up a deep sense of trust between PPS and the PSG.

Parenting is a lifelong learning journey. We believe that being involved in a community or network with parents of similar passion and interest will benefit both parents and children.

PPS’s PSG group comprises of passionate team members, who are ready to work with PPS, including you, on specific responsibilities. With the knowledge and viewpoints brought forth from parents, through termly PSG meet-ups and activities, we believe that they will enhance your child’s school experience. Studies have shown that with the parents’ involvement, both the parent and child will be united by a world of shared resources and learning.

Finally, I would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to parents who have stepped forward to assist and serve in various capacities for the school. Whilst I understand that some of us have commitments that limit the opportunity to volunteer in school, I believe that support is provided to the school through your prayers or other forms of encouragement. I am grateful for that as well and hope that when the circumstances permit, you will be able to serve the school more actively.

‘Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called the Present!’

Enjoy the Journey!

Estella Tan


Parents’ Support Group