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Achievements for CCA in 2019

CCA    Achievements
English Drama and Debate Club
Inter-School Debating Championship
  • Best Speaker for Preliminary Round 2 - Jayden Toh
  • Winner of Preliminary Round 3
  • Top 5 Schools in the South Zone

Debators are:
  1. Putri Iman
  2. Reanna Choo
  3. Jayden Toh
  4. Heng Qi Yang
  5. Chaw Yu Zer

Art   Singapore Youth Festival
1 Cerificates of Recognition

 Boys Brigrade         J M FRASER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE 2019
  (Year of Assessment 2018)

  • Silver Award
 Girls Brigrade         GB Company Gold Award

 Hockey     National School Games Hockey
Champions for both Senior Division Girls and Senior Division Boys